Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still in the sunshine state

We are still hitched, but not among the aimless this summer.  Sorry to report that I won't have fantastic photos from our travels.  We are staying home.  I don't remember it being this hot before.  Perhaps I will have something to report from our "staycation."  Thanks for checking in anyway.

Monday, October 22, 2012

FTT-Casto Canyon

From the Trail - Casto Canyon
Casto Canyon is in Red Canyon National Forest.  The rock formations are similiar to Bryce Canyon NP
and it is only one of the place I know where you can ride ATVs into a canyon that looks like that.
But only for 50 inch wide ATVs, no UTVs.  It is also open to hike and horses.
We rode 20 miles from Ruby's Inn, just to the trailhead.  It was on the same route we took a few weeks ago to Peterson Point.  But this ride was much more chilly.
The National Forest Service is serious about it only being traveled by 50 inch vehicles.  At the trailhead there is a fence with only 50 inch clearance and they have placed large rocks along the trail at the washes.

We started our decline down into the canyon along white rocks.  
Twisty, turning, up and down thru the dry washes.
Then the spectacular red Navajo Sandstone.
I'm surprised the washes are white with all the red rock around here.
Standing in the dry wash.  Joel said he wouldn't want to be here in a rainstorm.
Joel leading the way back out.  The trail itself is only 5.5 miles long.
I have hiked in the area with Maria but was really happy to experience it on the ATV.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Powell Point

My last post was about our ATV ride to the top of Powell Point.
This is how the mountain looks from our campsite at Ruby's Inn.
This is from over the rim of the canyon
We were standing on the white rock at the edge of the trees, at the tipy top.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


From the Trail - Powell Point
From our camp at Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon, we have a direct view of Powell Point.  It is a promitory seen in a lot of pictures taken from Bryce.  Joel thinks it looks like a nose, I think it looks like the bow of a cruise ship or maybe a freight train.  Last year we tried the summit with the Jeep but turned around due to the tree roots and ruts in the narrow two track trail.  A lot of the locals talk about going up there.  So it was on my list of things to do before we leave.  Unfortunately we are running out of weather to ride ATVs.
It is only 30 miles ride from Ruby's Inn.
We rode north on Hwy 22 then turned on Dixie NF road 132 toward Pine Lake.
The roads are well marked. 
At the top of Forest Road 132 (which used to be an old logging road) there is the turn off for Powell Point. Tree roots stretch across the road and there were several places of deep standing water and it hasn't rained for weeks.
We parked at the "dead end" and hiked 3/4 mile to the summit.  It felt longer than that.  But it is over 10,100 feet in elevation.
I was surprised to see the sign with the history.  You may be able to zoom in to read it.



The above photo is zooming in on Bryce Canyon
The long distance views were stunning despite the cloud cover.
That is Bryce in a thin layer to the left.
Bristlecone Pines grow at this elevation.  Joel liked this tree ravished by weather.
From our vantage point, Powell Point really catches the brunt of weather.
We were really bundled up due to the mid 60's overcast day
That is Ruby's Inn in the center on the edge of the trees.
More evidence of weather
The view looking west.  There is a pocket of aspens in color.
This is the point and colors we see from camp.
We were surprised that we didn't see any wildlife on this trip.
It was a great ride and I'm glad to be able to cross it off my list.
I can go home happy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

FTT- Dutton Range

From the Trail - the Dutton Mountain Range
For something a little different, we rode with some friends north of Hwy 12 to the Dutton Range.  We had been on some of these roads in the Jeep.  And some were rocky and challenging for an ATV.  My friend showed me how to get to Casto Canyon Trailhead.  I can't wait to try it on an ATV.  But I think we are running out of weather.
We went to Peterson Point for lunch, overlooking Panguitch.
 Pockets of Aspens in early color
Casto Bluff in the distance and the leader on the trail
This is why it is called Color Country!!
This picture doesn't do it justice.  There is a layer of light green in there,
which I'm told is low grade copper.
Aspens in the valley of Flat Top
Some of the rock formations look like they should be on the surface of the moon.
This was a great ride and the rock colors were something different.
In all we traveled 60 miles in 8 hrs.
My thanks to our tour guides The More's from Colorado.

Hike in Fairyland

This was our grand finale hike before Roger and Maria left.  Fairyland is part of Bryce Canyon NP but is outside the entrance station.  We took the trail along the rim, it is mostly level and was less crowded when we hiked it.  There is also a more strenuous hike down into the canyon that makes a loop.  The temperature was perfect for hiking with layers on.
And I never tire of the views.

Near the campground we saw two mule deer right by the trail who weren't very concerned about us.  We stopped at the General Store in the park for refueling and took the shuttle out.
I don't know the length but the hike took us 2 hours.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hike to Tropic

Somehow Maria and I were able to talk our husbands into hiking with us in Bryce Canyon NP.
We started out at Bryce Point at about 9 am.  The temperature was crisp and the skies were hazy
from fire smoke drifting down from Idaho.
Last year I did the Tropic portion by myself.  It was nice to approach this from a different trail.
 Our friends Maria and Roger at the window
Windows that will become future hoodoos
Some of the formations from the bottom of the canyon looking up 
 The farthest point in white on the left, sticking out is Bryce Point where we started.
The trail began as a decline.  It winds around.  Then it goes up for a short piece
This is the Peekaboo trail.  You can see the manmade arch in the rock
1.8 miles to our destination.  We had a friend pick us up at the Park fence.
The trail from here follows a wash, is mostly level but sandy.
It took us about 2.5 hrs.  I think it was over 4 miles.
We celebrated by going to lunch afterward.  I had a big open face sandwich covered in gravy!